Super Junior Keeps It Real on First Episode of ‘SJ Returns’

David Song, Oct. 9, 2017, 8:41 a.m.

The members of Super Junior decided that they have nothing to hide! During their very first airing for their comeback reality show, the members showed that they had a great sense of humor by poking fun at themselves. Fans watching the episode were surprised to see that shortly after Super Junior’s enlistment history on a chronological timeline, two events were shown through icons.


The first icon was a reference to Kangin’s DUI incident, with an image of a telephone pole being broken. This is a reference to when Kangin was under the influence of alcohol and drove into a telephone pole. Sungmin’s marriage was then referred to, which has been a controversial issue for many reasons. The show was aired on a very positive note, with the members all showing their usual positive demeanor and energy. Did you watch the episode?

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