Super Junior Leeteuk Addresses Fan Club with a Personal Letter

kpride, Aug. 15, 2014, 11:43 a.m.

Super Junior member and leader Leetuek has officially been discharged from his enlistment in the Korean military.  He recently released a hand written letter to his fanclub.  Leeteuk's handwritten letter reads:


- Dear ELF..!! -

It feels like a name I haven't called in a very long time. ELF.. E.L.F. Our side!!

Have you been doing well? You've been doing well up until now, right? Have you been eating well? Are you healthy? There's a lot that I'm curious about.

This moment feels surreal right now so it is difficult to express myself. My feelings were so complicated that I don't know how many times I rewrote this letter. Because I couldn't organize what words to say first.
ㅠㅠ Okay, now, finally!! SJ leader Leeteuk is greeting you!!^^<3 So that I won't lose my mindset from my rookie days, like my debut, teukee~ teukee~~~~ It's Leeteuk! ke Anyways, I want to first say that I am sorry and thankful. Do you remember what I said on October 30, 2012? Please wait 21 months. Time flies. Don't cheat on me..... But those 21 months, once I experienced it from the inside [of the military], it didn't feel like a short time.

But despite that, the loyalty of ELF who firmly waited~~!! I think you're really impressive. If you told me to do the same thing, I wouldn't have been able to do it. I think fans are people who make miracles possible!^^

As time passed by, I forgot who I am and my heart hurt so much that I wanted to give up everything.. But thanks to ELF's prayers and support, I was able to get through it. I was once again able to realize that the things that I felt and were given to me before in my everyday life are happiness that the world can't take away and something to be thankful for. The precious moments, like your cheers and the blue ocean, went through my head every night and got me through each day... From now on, even if my path strays from the course that I had envisioned, I will try to do my best and be more humble every time!! I really missed you a lot. I missed you like crazy. I longed for you a lot. I longed for you like crazy. I am sincerely thankful and really sorry. I am thankful for you being with me at this moment. Thank you for holding my hand so I won't get lonely. I hope you don't lose the beautiful feeling of us being one and I hope that we stay together not just for this moment but forever. I love you.. I love you... I love you.

P.S Please look forward to Super Junior's comeback!!^_^
- SJ leader who loves ELF, Leeteuk -

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