Super Junior reveals Donghae is prone to crying

Cari Pak, Nov. 15, 2017, 10 a.m.

On the November 15th episode of 'Weekly Idol', Super Junior revealed that member Donghae is prone to tears. Super Junior singled out Donghae as the crybaby of the group, saying, "The number of members suddenly got smaller, and we had to film for something when Donghae disappeared. He was in the back looking up, and we could see tears falling down his face." Yesung recreated the moment, and everyone was unexpectedly touched by the scene.

Eunhyuk then said, "He's the type to open up completely when he lets you into his heart once. He tells all of his secrets. I'm not like that." Donghae finally spoke up, saying, "I'm not like that when it comes to a goal. I was hurt way too much by city people in Seoul. I give my all." Awww!

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