Super Junior reveals the first teaser for 'Super TV'

Jun Ko, Jan. 4, 2018, 3:17 p.m.

Super Junior's teaser trailer of their upcoming variety show 'Super TV' is now out! The teaser received a lot of attention from their fans, excited to be able to have more content of their favorite group. The teaser consisted of a meeting between Super Junior and several producers/directors from tvN where the idol group pitched various ideas and concepts for their show. Some of the ideas that were pitched at the directors/producers were: "Instead of 'Three Meals a Day', how about 'Three Frozen Meals'", "Someone faces prison life in 'Sensible Prison Playbook", and more. Ideas were constantly pitched until Na Young Seok PD commented on how he wanted to partake in the concepts they pitched, making the teaser end on a good note.

The teaser served to definitely hype up the fans for its release on January 26th.

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