Super Junior’s Henry is Rich Enough to Purchase a Home and Decorate It Himself

Robert Young, Feb. 11, 2016, 5:11 p.m.

It looks like money isn’t an issue for Henry, and he shows it by spending some big dollars! During the February 11th broadcast for “Old House New House”, he said, "I bought a house not too long ago and I did the interior decorating myself. It's a Scandinavian design." We’re not really sure what Scandinavian design is, but we’re pretty sure it’s not cheap.


Henry’s own home isn’t the only space that he fixed up however, as he was given the task of designing Donghyun’s (MC GREE aka Kim Gu Ra’s Son) study room/studio. Utilizing his gifted interior decoration talents, Donghyun’s space will definitely end up looking extremely cool.


Henry Lau (born October 11, 1989), simply known by his stage name Henry, is a Canadian singer-songwriter, rapper, dancer, record producer, beatboxer and actor mostly active in South Korea. He is best known for being a member of Super Junior-M and the break-out star in the Korean real-time military-variety show Real Men. While Lau's native language is English, he is also fluent in Mandarin, Korean, French, Taiwanese and Cantonese . Henry made his solo debut in early June 2013 with the release of his debut mini-album Trap. He dubbed his fans as his "Strings." Lau is also a part of a composing team NoizeBank, which is a composing and production team that consists of four members, Henry Lau, Gen Neo, Neil Nallas, and Isaac Han.

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