Super Junior's Kangin Cries in His Last Episode of "A Celebrity Lives in My House"

Sensitive Artist, June 27, 2014, 10:42 a.m.

Kangin had some difficulties in leaving his onscreen family on the June 26th episode of "A Celebrity Lives in My House".

The Super Junior star began to sob and gave the family a few gifts and even a handwritten letter.  In the letter, he said "I should've been the one to treat you well, but I'm sorry it's me who's leaving with good memories." 

Kangin stated, "After coming back from the army, I couldn't help but consider strangers' [opinions]. I didn't want to cry because viewers may not see my tears as genuine. I tried not to cry. It's my first time crying after something bad happened when I was in the army."

His host family said to him as he left, "Return safely", which made Kangin cry even harder.

What did you think of Kangin's appearance on "A Celebrity Lives in My House"?

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