Super Junior’s Leeteuk Opens Up About The Group’s Car Accident Experience On Happy Together

Allison Bae , Feb. 24, 2017, 10:07 a.m.

Super Junior members Leeteuk and Shindong were invited as guest for the recent episode of KBS ‘Happy Together.’ The cast brought up Super Junior’s horrific accident in 2007 that almost took the life of one member.  Leeteuk opened up and said, “It was a rather big accident and I received 30 stitches on the forehead and 150 around my waist. When the emergency responders came, I remember telling the EMTs that I was fine and that Kyuhyun next to me is injured.”Shindong also opened up by saying, “Eunhyuk and I weren’t badly hurt. When Eunhyuk was looking after Kyuhyun and I was looking after Leeteuk, I saw that there was so much blood. When the ambulance came, Leeteuk was really worried about Kyuhyun.”

Member Siwon has stated before that Kyuhyun almost lost his life from the car accident. When the doctor told them that there was no hope, he was in disbelief, but it still affected him. Even Kyuhyun thought that he was going to die from the impact.  He’s commented in the past that he lost his memory for a moment, but recalls waking up and lying on the road not being able to feel the bottom half of his body. He also remembers praying for forgiveness and later waking up in the hospital to find that he has been asleep for 4 days

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