Super Junior's Siwon forgiven by family of the deceased

Jessica Lee, Oct. 23, 2017, 10:08 a.m.

It's been revealed that the family of Mrs. Kim (53), who passed away from sepsis after being bitten by Siwon's dog, Bugsy, has forgiven the idol. The sister of Mrs. Kim released a statement saying, "It is true that she was bitten by the dog and that she passed away due to sepsis."

"It was an unfortunate death but we have forgiven them. My sister had a relationship with the dog owner's family and hating them isn't going to bring my sister back."

She continued, "We would like to take this time to mourn my sister quietly. We don't intend to file a lawsuit and we also don't expect to be compensated. Siwon came to us many times and apologized. He even came to the funeral. We held hands and I forgave him." 

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