Superstar K Releases Teaser for 7th Season

kpride, Feb. 25, 2015, 11:44 a.m.

Mnet has released a teaser for the 7th season of the reality singing survival show Superstar K 7.  Superstar K is a South Korean television talent show series which is held yearly. First held in 2009, Superstar K has increasingly gained more attention, considered the biggest audition program in South Korea. Superstar K's concept involves that of finding the next "superstar," with the winner each week determined with a combination of the scores given by judges and votes from viewers.  Traditionally, the award winner of each season is given the chance to sing at the Mnet Asian Music Awards as well as other prizes.

The short clip contained the audition program’s determination to create an even more entertaining season than the past six years by depicting themselves as seven-year-old children.

In the teaser, interviews of young children that represent the producers and Lee Seung Chul are comically dubbed by mature voices. “Little Lee Seung Chul,” wearing oversized sunglasses, is slouching on the couch in Lee Seung Chul’s signature “Welcome” position. Through these children, “Superstar K” is releasing the young, energetic vibe they are hoping to produce this season.

Mnet representatives said, “We will be trying to actively connect with viewers through a spirit of youth and technology in the seventh season of ‘Superstar K,’ and expressed this determination in the teaser as well. You will be able to see ‘Superstar K’ progress accordingly to the development of a digital society.”  Several other changes to the program, such as a different sign-up method, will be revealed in the near future.  After regional preliminary rounds, held from mid-April to July, the actual show will air in August.


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