Suspicion arise on the fatal accident of Han Ji Sung after police review black box footage!

Yumi Kim , May 8, 2019, 4:47 p.m.

It was reported that actress Han Ji Sung passed away in a tragic car accident. On May 6 KST around 3:50 am the actress was struck by two vehicles near the Incheon International Airport. Previously reported, Han Ji Sung had stopped in the express way so her husband could use the restroom. It was revealed that Han parked her car in the middle lane on the express way and got out of the car for unknown reasons and was suddenly hit by the coming vehicles. She was struck by a taxi that was trying to steer away from a car that had stopped in the right lane. 

Police feel there might be more to the tragic "accident" after reviewing the black box footage. They had difficulty with the investigation as the black box on Han's vehicle had no audio. However, YTN was able to obtain black box footage from a car that was driving in the left lane during the time of the accident. 

Police can't understand why Han Ji Sung's car was not parked on the shoulder of the express way, but instead in the middle lane. Regarding the weird parking spot, Han's husband claimed, "I had to use the bathroom so we abruptly stopped the car. I went to the bathroom in the woods nearby and noticed the accident when I returned." He also claims that he does not know why Han Ji Sung got out of the car.  

The black box footage shows that Han Ji Sung was out of the car before her husband ran across the highway, and the accident occurred just 10 seconds from the time he reached the guard rail. Police say based on the footage, it's unlikely the husband did not notice the accident until he came back to the car. 

As suspicion rises on Han Ji Sung's unfortunate death, an autopsy will be performed as the police continue to investigate with the black box video. 

In addition, Han Ji Sung had two months of being married with her husband. Her funeral will take place on May 10. 

May she rest in peace. 

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