Suzy and IU compete for ‘soju goddess’ status

Anna Park, Oct. 10, 2016, 9:22 a.m.

Suzy and IU, both of whom have established their stardom early on in the Korean music and TV drama sectors, are now both modeling for soju, the iconic Korean hard liquor. IU, 23, has been the face of HiteJinro’s Chamisul soju since December 2014. She landed a one-year contract that, according to an industry insider, was rare as the usual term of employment for promotional models in the liquor business is around 6 months.


In the following year in December 2015, Hite Jinro extended the contract by another year, earning IU the moniker “soju goddess.” IU’s position, however, is about to be challenged by Suzy, 22, who recently inked a deal with Lotte Chilsung Liquor to promote its Chum Churum soju.

Both IU and Suzy are fondly referred to as “the nation’s little sister,” and now the attention is zooming in on whether the two will also come to share the title of “soju goddess.”

For their beer lines, HiteJinro’s main model is actor Song Joong-ki while Lotte Chilsung Liquor is promoted by girl group AOA’s member Seolhyun. 

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