Suzy Gets Caught in ‘Lolita’ Controversy and JYP Gives Official Statement

Ben Cho, Jan. 20, 2017, 8:56 a.m.

Suzy recently was mentioned again, being called out for showing a ‘lolita’ vibe in her 2015 photobook ‘Suzy? Suzy’. The photos from the photobook has once again popped up all throughout online communities, and netizens are upset with the singer, stating that all of the props and backdrops used throughout the shoot give a sexual vibe while showing a child’s innocence.


A photo of Suzy dressed up as Matilda from the film ‘Leon: The Professional’ is called out as giving off a Lolita concept feel as well, and netizens were even more upset once they found out that Suzy was the one who chose the concept, and that the photobook was a personal project of hers.


JYP Entertainment also stepped forward to address the concerns, and stated that the photobook was intentionally made to have a retro vibe. The agency then stated that the Lolita concept was ‘not related whatsoever to Suzy or the photographer’s original intent.’ JYP then closed their statement by saying they would take legal action if any rumors or malicious content was posted in regards to the subject matter.


Netizens were torn between supporting Suzy and berating Suzy, with both sides giving arguments on what crossed the line and what should be considered completely normal. What do you think about this latest controversy?

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