Suzy vs Lee Sung Kyung: who wore it better?

Anna Park, July 25, 2016, 9:29 a.m.

The same outfit can look completely different depending on the unique style of the person wearing it. Actress Suzy from “Uncontrollably Fond,” and Lee Sung-kyung from “Doctors,” wore the same coral dress, but brought their own style to complete their look. 

Suzy wore it for the VIP preview of movie “Train to Busan” and Lee wore it for fashion magazine, Grazia‘s June issue.


Suzy kept her look simple and romantic with half-tied hair, natural looking make-up and red strappy sandals.

Lee Sung Kyung

Lee went for a mix-and-match look with her turquoise loafers and long white socks. Along with her cat-eye makeup, her big glasses and earrings accentuated her unique look.

Whose look grabs your attention the most?

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