Suzy’s New Hairstyle Receives Negative Reactions

Ben Cho, March 30, 2017, 8:17 a.m.

It looks like miss A’s Suzy has decided to change things up, getting a completely new haircut and look! The singer/actress is known for her popular beauty, but her new haircut is making many question the true level of her beauty. She showed off her new look in a recent Instagram post as well as a Facebook video from JYP Entertainment.


Suzy’s long hair is now a thing of the past, and netizens are upset with the new look. Comments about her hair ranged about how only her hair made her pretty, as well as demanding to know who thought it was a good idea for Suzy to change up her look this way. Whatever the case, it looks like this is the new Suzy for some time. What do you think about her new look?


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