Sweet Grandmothers Donate Funds to Elementary School

LAtte, May 13, 2015, 12:59 p.m.

Aren't grandmothers the best? They have the warmest, sweetest hearts, and not to mention, they're the best cooks! On May 12th, twenty-five kindhearted grandmothers of Uiryeong County, Gyeongnam in their 60's to 80's donated all the earnings from selling their homemade soybean paste and soy sauce to a local elementary school!

The sweet ladies personally made each food item and donated the money to the children's school in commemoration of Parents' Day on May 8th. The wonderful grandmothers are joined together in the Uiryeong Grandmothers' Volunteer Service group, and have donated approximately 15 million KRW, amounting to around $14,000 USD! The group, having existed since 1993, have made an effort to fundraise annually by selling their delicious soybean paste and soy sauce in order to provide scholarships to students. The ladies have gathered all profit and saved it in a bank account.

Due the difficulties that their bodies are going through with aging, the women decided to band together to do meaningful work for the elementary school. The grandmothers had heard that the school's wind orchestra was on the verge of disbanding due to lack of funds, so the group got together and decided to donate the money from their banks to ensure that the children could continue to mature in their music.

The head of the ladies' group Lee Nam Sun, age 87, shared, "It's not that much, but these students in the wind orchestra are growing to be an amazing group of talented individuals, so we hope that the money is of some help."

The grateful students made rounds putting carnations on each grandmother's chest, and even performed trot songs tos how their gratitude!

How sweet! A grandmother's love is truly the best!

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