Swings, C Jamm, and Giriboy Share Execution Parody Video

evisu, Sept. 11, 2014, 3:17 p.m.

Just Music Entertainment rappers Swings, C Jamm, and Giriboy are under attack from netizens after uploading a comical video of a pretend execution to Facebook.  The video shows C Jamm and Swings kneeling in front of a pool while Giriboy “executes” them from behind.

Netizins scrutinized, "Swings' actions were beyond what can be excused as 'an immature act'. If someone who had a family member executed by rebels were to see this video, they would lament while pounding on their chest. Also, as everyone is still grieving Ladies' Code's tragic accident, his actions were very thoughtless."

Just Music responded, "We didn't intend on parodying terrorist execution scenes."

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