T-ara has not disbanded

Yumi Kim, Dec. 4, 2018, 10:29 a.m.

On December 4, T-ara member Jiyeon recentlyt appeared on 'Video Star', where she guested as a special host with Park Na Rae. During the broadcast, Park Na Rae asked, "What happened to T-ara?"  Jiyeon answered, "T-ara have not disbanded. We never said that we disbanded, but a lot of people believe that we've disbanded."

QUEENS, Jiyeon has confirmed that T-ara has not disbanded! 

She also added, "I'd like to jump off from 'Video Star' and go on to make my way."

In related news, T-ara's previous agency MBK Entertainment were recently denied the trademark to the girl group's name following the members' leave from the label.

Stay tuned for updates!

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