T-ara will not back down!

Yumi Kim , Jan. 19, 2018, 9:49 a.m.

It has been revealed that the four T-ara members will claim back trademark rights to their group name. Last December, news hit that T-ara’s former label MBK Entertainment filed for trademark rights for “T-ara” and their songs. However, on January 17, a legal representative from the girls side announced that they will not be backing down and are filing to claim back the rights to their group name. The representative also stated that the girls have documentations stating why MBK Entertainment must be denied.

However, MBK’s president came forward and gave a response about the ongoing battle. President Kim Kwang Soo held an interview with TV Report where he stated, "I am not greedy about T-ara's name. I do not have plans to select new members under the name T-ara. However, I do want to protect the name. Shouldn't I have the right to possess the traces of all the efforts and the struggles our company went through to make T-ara's name known to the public?" 

He also added, "I decided on the name T-ara, then chose the members, then shaped the group. It all started with that name. It is not something that the four members (HyominJiyeonEunjungQri) can just possess all to themselves. It belongs to the company, as well as to all who worked for that name."

The President then compared the case to the cases of groups SG Wannabe and Davichi, "In SG Wannabe and Davichi's cases, I allowed them to use the name even when they left the company. The members personally asked to use the names outside of the company, very politely. I allowed it. T-ara could have turned out that way. But a select few members expressed their greed for it and showed contrasting behavior on the outside from their true intentions. I was upset since we worked together for 10 years." 

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