T-ara's Jiyeon Gets Her Hair Pulled at Ho Chi Minh Airport

SWAG-tastic Voyage, Jan. 12, 2015, 10:06 a.m.

T-ara member Jiyeon visited Vietnam recently, and while trying to walk to the van in order to get to her fan meeting, an overly-enthusiastic fan latched on and pulled her hair!

The idol landed in Ho Chi Minh City for T-ara's fan meeting set in Lan Anh. She was walking from the van to the airport, and a fan reached out and grabbed onto her, making her cry out in pain. Jiyeon quickly regained her composure and moved on into her van.

There were 2,000 fans approximately that waited to greet T-ara at the airport, and currently it doesn't seem that the hair pulling incident was on purpose or malicious. Jiyeon refused to panic in light of the awkward and uncomfortable situation, and continued to walk calmly after her unpleasant encounter.

After the fan meeting ended, Jiyeon posted a photo of her wearing a helmet and wrote, "Queens, I had so much fun at the Vietnam fanmeeting today! Thank you so much for having fun with us and cheering us on passionately. And about what happened at the airport, I'm fine. Let's just be a little careful! Tomorrow at the airport, let's be polite! Everyone, good night."

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