T-ara's Little Sister Group DIA to Debut in August!

thekatsmeow, June 29, 2015, 10:16 a.m.

MBK Entertainment has officially announced the name and debut date of their upcoming girl group, also known as T-ara's "little sister" group! On June 29th, an MBK entertainment representative shared, "The name of the group has been chosen as DIA, the shortened version of the word 'diamond'."

She continued, "The group's name holds the meaning that the girls will shine and be the most precious of gems while receiving love for a long time." In the selca picture above, three members of the six-member girl group are shown. Jenny, Cha Yeon, and Ye Bin were said to have posed for the picture during their practice time. Eunice is reported to be great at dance, song, and Japanese. Chae Yeon is known for appearing in Elsie's (T-ara's Eunjung) solo music video, while Jenny is known to have excellent acting abilities.

Unpictured are members Eunice, reported to be skilled in song, dance, and Japanese, Eun Jin, who is known for her dance skills, and Cathy, who is known to be skilled in rap. DIA is set to debut in August!

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