T-ara’s Music Video for ‘Tiamo’ Gets Over 120 Million Views in China

Ben Cho, Nov. 15, 2016, 9:34 a.m.

T-ara is showing their Chinese popularity in China with their impressive number of views for their latest music video ‘Tiamo’! The music video has only been around for five days, and their music video has skyrocketed to over 120 million views on Tudou from China!


The number of views on the music video has been much higher than their previous music videos on Tudou, which shows the group’s incredibly fast-paced rise in popularity in views, and it looks like the T-ara fans of China have a very large fanbase. Not only did the group reach record numbers in music video views, but they also managed to rank #1 on Tudou’s ‘The Show’ chart as well.

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