T-ara’s Qri Sits Down with “International bnt” for Photoshoot and Interview

SWAG-Tastic Voyage, Aug. 7, 2015, 11:07 a.m.

T-ara boasts a huge fanbase for many reasons, but the group is still considered underrated, even with all of their fans and support. Member Qri discussed the K-pop industry with “International bnt” as well as having a solo photoshoot with the magazine.

Qri shows off three different looks for the photoshoot, looking feminine and gorgeous in every single one of the photos. During the interview, Qri discussed everything T-ara related as well as her fellow members. She stated that Boram was the most successful at dieting within the entire group, saying that she lost almost 10 kilograms (approx.. 22 pounds) since the group made their debut!

The girls are known for their long and thin legs, and Qri said, "Whenever we go on an overseas schedule, I room with Hyomin. Every night while she sleeps, she wears compression stockings, so that her legs don't bloat. She also sleeps with a pillow under her legs."

When Qri was asked about the sudden rise in girl group activity this summer, she answered, "We don't not pay attention to existing girl groups, even rookie girl groups. This time, Wonder Girls sunbaenim had a comeback, and it was so cool. Our members all marvelled, while we watched their teaser video."

Qri was then asked what she thought T-ara had to do in order to bring their image back to speed after their bullying scandal. Qri replied, "About what's being said about us, it's unfair because there are many things that aren't true. There are times we want to explain each and every thing, but we came to the thought that the only way was to show us working hard in our activities. About what became a big issue, the members all reflected a lot and talked a lot. By thinking once again about everything that happened, we want to promote even more carefully. I think that in a way, hate comments are interest in us. We will work hard, so that there are more and more good comments."

Qri then discussed Jiyeon’s relationship with Lee Dong Gun saying, "After hearing about the dating news, we were very jealous, especially Boram and I. Besides Soyeon and Jiyeon, the members are all filled with loneliness. Even though our company doesn't restrict us on dating, it's sad that the rest of us aren't dating," she said while laughing.

Check out the photoshoot here at Koogle.tv!

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