TaeTiSeo Graces the Cover of the 164th Issue of 'High Cut' Magazine!

Songee Kim, Dec. 16, 2015, 9:36 a.m.

The beautiful ladies of TaeTiSeo grace the cover of the 164th issue of 'High Cut' magazine! The Girls' Generation sub-unit went for a 'our happy time' concept, where they dressed in dreamy retro outfits and had a ball with the party themed photoshoot. In addition to the pictorial, the girls also partook in an interview where they dished on their careers!

When member Taeyeon was told that she was given the nickname 'SM's MVP', the singer humorously responded, "Shouldn't I receive a bonus from the label then?" Taking on a more serious tone, the talented singer humbly shared, "On the contrary, I'm very thankful towards the company. There are many artists, but only I received the opportunity. I'm not saying this just to sound humble, but I do really put a lot of effort into singing."

Tiffany also commented on Girls' Generation breaking the "5-year curse", saying, "Everyone said that we [Girls' Generation] would disband within 5 years, but it looks like we've won, and we'll continue to do so from now on. Even if I do a solo project, it's as though I'm preparing together [with the group]. Girls' Generation will continue on the same way in the future, too."

Taeyeon also shared, "Since entering my 20s as part of Girls' Generation, it seems like my life's direction was suggested from that. If I do other work besides Girls' Generation, I think it will feel unfamiliar to me. Later on, when time passes, I think we'll be able to group together again and have gatherings."

Maknae Seohyun also discussed where she put her focus on when writing the lyrics for 'Dear Santa'. She disclosed, "I was curious about what kind of gift people would want to receive on Christmas, so I asked my friends, and they all said they wanted a boyfriend. The lyrics are about asking Santa, 'Please let me be with this guy!'"

The December issue of 'High Cut' hits shelves on December 17th, so make sure to look out for it!

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