Taewoon Releases Official MV for Solo Track “Copy Ma Lyrics”

Ben Cho, April 8, 2016, 8:58 a.m.

The ex-SPEED member Taewoon has just released his music video for his newest solo debut track “Copy Ma Lyrics”! Taewoon released his first solo album on April 7th, and has been making a very big effort to make a name for himself after having left his group SPEED. Taewoon is pursuing his dream of being a solo hip-hop artist, and it looks like he’s finally stepped up to the plate!


SPEED is a South Korean boy group formed by MBK Entertainment (formerly known as Core Contents Media) in 2012. The group was also formerly known as the "Male Unit" of Coed School until their agency announced that they were an independent group in 2013. Speed was originally a six-member group composed of Kwanghaeng, Noori, Jungwoo, Taewoon, Sungmin, and Jongkook. In January 2012, they released their first song "Lovey-Dovey Plus." A few days after their first song release, Sejun joined the group. Following Kwanghaeng and Noori's withdrawal from the group in September 2012, Yuhwan and Taeha were added in October 2012. Speed officially debuted as a seven-member group with the release of their first single "It's Over" in January 2013. In March 2015, leader Taewoon left Speed to pursue a solo career. Yuhwan replaced Taewoon as Speed's leader and a new member, KI-O, was added in May 2015. At the end of January 2016 Jungwoo and Sejun both broke the news to the fans through their social media accounts that they would be leaving Speed. Jungwoo also left MBK Entertainment.

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