Taeyang presents ice cream to 5 lucky fans

Jun Ko, Dec. 15, 2017, 2:40 p.m.

Ice cream is always a nice treat to have in the winter, but it's made even sweeter when it's presented by a famous idol. Taeyang from Big Bang presented some lucky fans with vanilla ice cream while at the airport in Japan. When the idol was buying food for himself, he added six ice creams to the order. Keeping one for himself, he handed out the others to five thankful fans. Netizens complimented him on his kind gesture and expressed their excitement and envy to the fans who were able to get a sweet treat from him. Some of the comments read, "Omg I'm not crying... I'm not jealous...", "Aww bae bought ice creams ㅠㅠ", and "Wow Youngbae is the sweetest." 

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