Taeyang shares a heartfelt message about experiencing his first North American Tour

Cari Pak, Sept. 19, 2017, 10:58 a.m.

On September 18, Big Bang's Taeyang shared a heartfelt and profound message on his Instagram page regarding what he saw and learned while going on his first North American tour. 

He stated, "A lot [of] fans came to see my first North America tour, and I was amazed to notice many parents that came with their children, couples that bought tickets for their anniversary, and some really young fans whom I wondered how they even knew me. I was surprised to know that there were so many people in different generations that grew up listening to BIGBANG music and waited until now to see my concert. I also grew up listening to someone's music and started to build my dream, and the fact that I had become that SOMEONE to other people was absolutely exciting and overwhelming. For those people, it made me think that I must become an artist that creates even better music and lives a splendid life." 

Taeyang ended his first North America tour with the last show in Vancouver on September 15. He is now scheduled to perform in Manila, Hong Kong, Bangkok, Jakarta, Kuala Lumpur, Macao, Singapore, and will end his tour in Taipei on October 29. 

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