TAEYEON from SNSD talks about her busy schedule with SM THE BALLAD & comeback of Girls Generation

ErotiX, Feb. 13, 2014, 3:19 p.m.

TAEYEON from Girls Generation revealed her crazy restless schedule managing both SM THE BALLAD and Girls Generation comeback preparation at a joint recital event for recent release of SM THE BALLAD. "It's little crazy. promoting the SM THE BALLAD, getting ready for comeback and even going out to the music award ceremonies..." MC of the event Jun Hyun Moo asked about the new concept for the upcoming Girls Generation. Taeyeon commented "I really don't know what to say. simply words can describe what our new album is about since we have so many different genres of music in it." 

JONGHYUN from SHINee also shared his thought "I can tell you one thing. It's very catchy and I'm sure everyone who listen to it will be easily addicted to it. I listened to it couple times and melody quickly stuck in my head." 

Girls Generation will be coming back with Mr.Mr. on the 19th and album sale will start on the 24th. You can check out teaser for the Girls Generation's MR.MR. and SM THE BALLAD below.


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