Taeyeon Looks Gorgeous In Her New Teaser Photos For Her Upcoming Solo Debut

Guster Moon, Sept. 30, 2015, 12:50 p.m.

We’re pretty sure that these pictures that you will soon see will make you feel a little bit lightheaded, due to the intense beauty and perfection that is Girls’ Generation Taeyeon. The idol has just released some brand new teaser photos to notify her fans of her upcoming solo debut, and they are simply breathtaking.


The teaser photos were first released on Taeyeon’s own official SM Entertainment page, and the pictures show an autumn concept. As far as the details are concerned, Taeyeon’s solo debut will take place on October 7th at midnight KST. Her first mini-album “I” will also be released offline on October 8th.


This is perfect timing since SM Entertainment had previously announced that Taeyeon would be having her solo concert series later in October. Fans attending were sure to see the performances of her solo tracks.

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