Taeyeon receives criticism for promoting herself in the midst of her car accident

Jun Ko, Dec. 1, 2017, 10:47 a.m.

Girl's Generation's Taeyeon is under fire for her recent actions. The idol had recently released a black-and-white video of herself on Instagram, it being thought of as a potential teaser for her upcoming Christmas album. However, with the recent event that is her car accident, many criticized her decision to promote herself at this time. With the negative attention she brought on herself from the car accident, many believe that she should remain silent until the issue is wrapped up. A lot of netizens are commenting on Taeyeon being thoughtless: "Crazy. She would've become a murderer if it weren't for the two cars in front of her", "Super rude", "So shameless", "Wow, amazing..", "She needs to admit her wrongdoings, apologize, and reflect on her actions instead." In defense of her, many of her fans are commenting that she does not need to apologize nor remain silent on her activities. 

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