TAHITI’s Jisoo Participates in “International bnt” Photoshoot

Troy Yang, June 30, 2016, 9:17 a.m.

TAHITI’s Jisoo recently was featured in a photoshoot for “International bnt”, looking gorgeous in her newest summer dresses. The idol gave a bit of personal information about herself after the photoshoot, discussing the hardships she had gone through as a girl group member. Jisoo stated, "There were many lineup changes [within TAHITI], and in the beginning, I did experience many conflicts that girl group members have to deal with. But now, because we don't live in dorms, the members stick together more."


Jisoo then discussed the very recent sponsor controversy by saying, "There were talks that I had a powerful sponsor backing me when the controversy first blew up and people thought it was noise marketing. But I swear that it wasn't noise marketing. [The person] kept bothering me so I only replied so that he would see; I had no other intentions.


A photo posted by 스물셋 지수 빠얍! (@tahiti_zisoo) on

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