TAHITI’s Jisu’s Father Shares His Mind on Harassment Issue

Paul Lee, Jan. 12, 2016, 5:55 p.m.

For those who are thinking that maybe you can get away with harassing TAHITI member Jisu, think again! After all, it was just revealed that her father is the detective chief at Ilsan Police Station! Jisu’s father seems to be keeping a cool head about the whole situation however, as he has stated that he has no intention of being involved with the case, stating that he will leave things up to his daughter and the agency.


Jisu’s father stated, "I will respect the agency and my daughter's course of action and watch out [for any developments on the case]."  A phone call with Yonhap News also revealed some more information! Jisu’s father stated, "The main issue at hand could be muddled due to my association with the police, so I don't think it's appropriate [for me] to discuss the case. As soon as Jisu arrives in Korea after her overseas activities, she intends to discuss the case with the agency and file suit [against her harasser] so I'll leave it up for her to decide [regarding this matter]." 

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