Take a little sneak a peek for upcoming episode of RUNNING MAN with RAIN & KIM WOO BIN

Xxcutiex1004xX, March 7, 2014, 10:32 a.m.

RUNNING MAN teasing fans for the upcoming episode with RAIN and KIM WOO BIN. They recently released preview cuts of the running man doing variety of activities.

RUNNING MAN casts made a trip to Australia for this very special episode doing scuba diving, driving ATVs, and dressing up as kangaroos and feeding. Staff members shared "Even for us, we couldn't stop laughing while shooting the casts. This episode will be epic. Also special selfie session of them laugh-out-loud will be included as well." RUNNING MAN featuring RAIN and KIM WOO BIN will air this Sunday March 9th. 

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