Take A Look At The Behind The Scenes For EXID’s “Night Rather Than Day”

Olivia Jung, April 11, 2017, 9:35 a.m.

Awww! Recently, EXID released a behind the scenes video for the “Night Rather Than Day” music video. The video commences with the actual footage from the actual music video, while the girls playfully fool around and have interview sects in the video. This is great insight for the making of the music video, which is an all-together revelation of how the girls spend their time while filming! It’s great to see the contrast between the girls’ playful side, while also seeing their professional side in set!

Unfortunately, Solji is currently dealing with a health issue, so she is absent during the making of the music video. However, the girls later revealed in the video that Solji had attended the filming and showed support for her group by providing pizza for the members to eat on their free time of the filming.

EXID’s comeback was great! Hopefully Solji is healthy and can come back in time!

Check out the footage below!

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