Tang Wei wishes Hyun Bin luck on new film

Su Jin Jang, Jan. 16, 2017, 9:51 a.m.

Tang Wei wished Hyun Bin good luck on his new film “Confidential Assignment” in a video posted on YouTube by CJ E&M on Friday. Starring Hyun as a North Korean special forces policeman, “Confidential Assignment” is about a fictional cooperative investigation between the South Korean and North Korean police. 

“You used to be a fashionable, handsome boy but here in this movie, you are a mature and strong man,” said Tang. Tang and Hyun starred together in “Late Autumn,” a melodrama movie released in 2011. 

Telling Hyun to “break a leg,” Tang praised him for his acting, saying it was as if his inner spirit was throwing a punch through the character. She also envied Hyun for playing great action scenes in the movie saying that she wanted to play action scenes for a long time. 

“Confidential Assignment” hits the theater on Wednesday. 

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