Tao's Side Calls Foul on SM Entertainment's Statement of Lawsuit

Anna Park, Sept. 24, 2015, 12:12 p.m.

Following SM Entertainment's official statement announcing their lawsuit against former EXO member Tao and the production company that produced Tao's solo debut album, the Chinese pop star's personal workshop 'Huang Z. TAO Studio' retaliated back with their own response.

Huang Z. TAO Studio claims that SM Entertainment's statement regarding Tao is a sum of false information. The workshop made the following statement:

"1) SM delayed Tao's treatment of injuries that he sustained during his promotional activities due to a lack of basic protection and respect for his health. In addition, SM also showed many problems, discriminating between the Korean and Chinese members. This caused Tao immense mental and physical stress. However, even in conditions like this, Tao had the desire to continue with SM and even tried to improve the situation by expressing his opinions about SM's unfair treatment. However, SM did not take any action [following Tao's complaints]. At that time, Tao returned [to China] to receive proper treatment for his injuries, whilst he and his father tried to negotiate the terms with SM over eight times. During these discussions, SM only brought up extreme measures of solutions and revealed that they could not modify his contract. It's clear from SM's insincere attitude towards resolving this conflict with Tao, that he was not respected.

Because of this, Tao filed his request for the nullification of his contract at the Seoul Central Court on August 24, 2015. Tao filed the lawsuit as a last resort, as he was no longer able to endure the conditions mentioned above.

2) There is an exaggeration within SM's statement. Blowing up Tao and SM's contract dispute into a matter of [disturbing] cultural exchange between China and Korea, is a blunt attempt to destroy Tao's career as a celebrity through the means of moral criticism. We think it was very unncessary to bring up such a statement. According to the principles of contract relativity, third parties should not be brought into the lawsuit between SM and Tao, and no resolution will yield from doing so. SM is abusing their right to legal actions against the situation, and it's not helping to come to a mutual agreement between the two sides. Also, according to the terms of the contract, the dispute must be settled in Korea. Therefore, SM filing a lawsuit in China does not correspond to the agreement of both sides.

We are presenting this statement to preven SM's attempt to mislead public opinion [about the matter]. Here on out, [Huang Z. TAO studio] will protect our legal rights to take legal action through our lawyer against whatever statements or reports are released that may tarnish Tao's reputation."

And the drama continues... What do you think the outcome will be?

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