TEEN TOP Has Some Fun in Behind-the-scenes Video of Photoshoot for 10+Star' Magazine

dale_206, June 20, 2015, 12:33 p.m.

The TEEN TOP shine bright in a scenic summer setting for their new photoshoot with '10+Star' magazine. Two behind-the-scenes videos were just released where one is of the group shots where all the members got together. It's adorable how much happier and playful the members are when they get together, and then suddenly become all business and classy when they pose individually.

Make sure to check out the full release of the photoshoot and the interview when they become available for the July issue. 

And of course, what you all are here for! Yep, we got it here at KoogleTV! 

Check out the video with group shots and individual shots below starring the lovely members of TEEN TOP!

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