TEEN TOP opens up about their music and their popularity

Jun Ko, May 17, 2018, 4:25 p.m.

TEEN TOP recently sat down with 'Newsade' for an interview, where the group opened up about various topics. TEEN TOP gave their honest answer when they were asked about the status of their ninth year: "We let go of things and went down (in popularity) a lot. If we go down, we just have to climb back up" (Changjo), "We lost about a quarter of our fans" (C.A.P), and more. When they were asked about when they felt the drop in their popularity, TEEN TOP's Niel answered, "I remember feeling pretty good with our track 'Rocking'. It dropped a bit during 'Missing' and fell a lot during 'Warning Sign'." He continued on with thinking his own changes being the reason for the drop. Changjo had answered the question with, "I think it might be because we went in a different direction than what the public wanted." 

When they were asked about the reason it felt like TEEN TOP was doing the same music, Ricky had answered, "Looking at the different title tracks and albums, I feel as though we didn't continue making the same type of music." Chunji had added on, "I think the public wants exciting, performance-centered music when they think of 'TEEN TOP', so we're trying to go back to that direction." 

Check out the full interview of TEEN TOP below!

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