Teen Top shares what they’d like to do with their fans for new album

Michelle Jung, March 22, 2017, 3:37 p.m.

On Naver ‘V’ live, TEEN TOP talked about their comeback.

On the March 22 airing, TEEN Top said, “We’re making a comeback. There will be a lot of photos because it’s a full album. Our jacket photo came out really nice, too.” Niel added, “The release date will be announced tomorrow”, and mysteriously said, “The new song isn’t bright or dark.”

The members also shared what they would like to do with their fans after their comeback. C.A.P said, “I would randomly pick fans during our fan sign event and buy them sodas.” Next, Niel said, “I would watch a movie at the theaters with my fans.” He brought laughter, saying, “Don’t make plans after ‘Inkigayo’ on Sunday. We will reserve a movie theater. Ricky will pay for popcorn and cola.”

TEEN TOP also said, “We prepared many songs for our fans. We really worked hard for it. Please look forward to it.”

TEEN TOP will soon be making their first comeback since L.Joe’s departure from the group.

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