TEEN TOP’s C.A.P has More Male Fans than Female Fans

kpopfandom, June 26, 2015, 1:16 p.m.

TEEN TOP’s C.A.P has a bigger male fan base than females’. On SBS’s ‘Cultwo Show’, TEEN TOP starred and talked about their new song “Ah-Ah,” and the creation of it, including the lyrics and choreography. C.A.P’s adulation among male fans was also discussed.

When a male listener called and told that he is a TEEN TOP fan, the ‘Cultwo Show’ MC asked, “Despite being a male idol group, do you have a lot of guy fans?” The group answered, “C.A.P has many male fans,” surprising the viewers. C.A.P replied “at fan signings, there are several male fans.”

TEEN TOP showcased their choreography for the new song and showed everyone the technical dance moves.

MC jokingly said, “How do you dance like that and sing at the same time? Isn’t it difficult?” Neil, another TEEN TOP member, replied “It’s difficult. Because it’s work.”

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