Tei's words about the passing of Hero Planet's CEO

Jun Ko, Dec. 11, 2017, 11:27 a.m.

The news of the suspected suicide of the CEO of 'Hero Planet' has brought about a lot of sadness and worry. It's always a hard time when someone commits suicide, especially to those that had loved and cared for them. A lot of fans had especially offered support and condolences for Tei, who was in the label and was close to the CEO. Receiving a lot of condolences and support from his fans, Tei had wrote a post on Instagram to his fans to try and assauge them of their worry for him. 

He wrote: 

"Thank you.

This past weekend, we sent him on his way.

I know you are shocked, but everyone worried about me sent me words of encouragement and support. On one hand, I'm sorry but on the other hand, I'm sincerely thankful. I am writing this carefully, hoping that there are no further concerns or misunderstandings. I sincerely thank everyone concerned about me once again. Thank you.

The hyung that passed away was more than a label CEO, he was like a brother to me. He was a hyung I was grateful for, someone who I thought was family and friend, someone who I spent years together. He was optimistic, bright, and someone who had a lot of fondness.

Even though I've known him for so long, it was only few months ago when we talked about working together. It was a promise that felt good because we promised to work together with good people in good times and promised to hold each other more tightly during bad times. I'm really upset that I was not able to hold onto him more tightly in reality.

Last weekend was shocking and saddening. I sent him on his way and quietly did what I had to do, and I'm writing now to answer the question that we can't let go: "Why?"

Hyung's friends, who were shocked and hurt, have also been talking carefully about stories and are repeating being upset and being understanding.

Everyone must have been shocked. It was something that makes everyone's heart drop from just coming across the news. I'm worried that this news will be reported wrongly.

More than just being my CEO, he was the CEO for many others whom he had worked with for longer. He was a partner who was waiting for my album, and someone who was enjoyable to be with.

Please don't be so sure about the cause of the decision he made because family and friends don't even know of it. Please don't upload various information about his relationships and other stuff because his family and friends and those worried about his family and friends will be hurt.

It will be hard for him to go somehwere good right away. He made a decision that was really mean and hurtful. People who love him are sincerely disappointed, sad, and upset. I hope he receives these thoughts and prayers and goes somewhere good where there is no pain. Please pray for him.

I can't be calm about letting someone go, no matter how many times I go through it. I'll do my best to send him on his way, so don't worry about me and I thank you. Thank you so much for the warm wishes."

We hope he rests in peace and all those who are hurting are able to hurt less soon. 

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