TGM Events' Official Statement Regarding Problematic 'Highlight Tour' Further Agitates BTS ARMYs

S. Jin, Oct. 6, 2015, 9:30 a.m.

Whether you're a BTS fan or not, it seems the whole Kpop fandom world is aware of the disaster that was the BTS North American 'Highlight Tour', which concluded last week, on Sunday, September 27th in Canada. The tour made four stops in total, including San Francisco, Houston, Atlanta, and Toronto.

It'd be a huge understatement to say that ARMYs were more than just a little disappointed with the disorganization of the tour, hosted by TGM Events. Several issues arose from each stop, including but not limited to seating arrangement issues, aggression and racist remarks made by security, disrespectful behavior by TGM staff members, and unfulfilled promises of intimate group photos with the boy group, which instead resulted in bigger groups of 25 fans crammed together with BTS for each photo. Many even chided the organizers for forcing the BTS members to sit on the dirty floor for photos.

However, the most controversial amongst the plethora of concerns surrounding the poorly managed concert tour seems to be the problems that occurred at the Atlanta stop of the 'Highlight Tour'. Briefly explained, 100 fans were turned away from the venue because it had reached its capacity, a situation that had fans suspicious that TGM had oversold the tickets. These 100 fans were then left in the rain for an hour, with the promise of a Hi-Touch event and group photo to make up for being denied entry to the concert they paid for. However, much to their dismay, the 100 who had waited in bad weather were not given their compensation as promised, because allegedly the post-concert events were not fully communicated to the boy group, who had left to their hotel immediately after their performances.

BTS ARMYs took to social media platforms to voice their horrible experiences, with several problematic situations from each location, while some even mentioned that they felt BTS was even frustrated with the disorganization as well. ARMYs went full force in reprimanding the event's organizers, demanding refunds to those who were not given what they paid for.

On October 5th, Nadia, a representative from TGM Events, took to the company's official Facebook page to issue a statement of clarification regarding the problematic 2015 'Highlight Tour', as shown below. Unfortunately, her official statement only seemed to add fuel to the fire, further agitating fans for making excuses and placing the blame on others such as the artists' management and venue managers, instead of apologizing and admitting their own faults.

What do you think of TGM Events' statement? Do you think their statement was enough to justify and clarify their position?

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