The debut of 'MIXNINE' is at a standstill

Jun Ko, March 15, 2018, 9:20 a.m.

People are still wondering when 'MIXNINE' will make their debut as there has been no details given. Sports World gave an exclusive report on how things are going with the group's debut to put light to the situation for the waiting fans. It might end up in disappointment for hopeful fans of 'MIXNINE' as nothing much seems to be happening. It's been two months since the end of the show and none of the winners has yet to receive any details of their debut. 

Insiders stated how they have received nothing about the 'MIXNINE' debut after the show's end and that the individuals are currently just going on with their usual practice. In short, none of them are currently practicing specifically for the debut. One commented, "It's been two months but we haven't received anything about the debut schedule. The debut song and debut group name hasn't been decided either. All the members who were in the top nine are worried that the debut might never happen." 

Another has responded with, "YG is busy taking care of the comeback schedule of their own artists, so they're not taking care of the 'MIXNINE' debut group. If rumours of the debut not happening arise, YG will probably make excuses and say they're preparing. But nothing has been prepared so far, so it's basically the same as the debut being cancelled. It's time for them to make a clear stance on the debut." 

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