The East Light Share How They're Set Apart From Other Bands

Jay Yim, Aug. 31, 2018, 9:28 a.m.

The East Light talked about their uniqueness in an interview with 'High Cut'.

The teen band showed their youthful charms in a vintage fashion shoot for the magazine. In the interview, The East Light members shared about how they are set apart from other groups and said, "Unlike other bands where there's just one vocalist, we have a total of three including Lee Eun SungJung Sa Kang, and Lee Woo Jin. They all have different tones and voices so we're able to produce more varying sounds."

The bassist Lee Seung Hyun also shared his start down the career of music. He said, "I enjoyed going through my dad's computer when I was young. I coincidentally ran into Bon Jovi performing at the Wembley Stadium and Metallica's Korea concert in 2006, and I was shocked because they were so cool. So I started learning instruments and started my career in music."

Finally, The East Light expressed how they want to express their lives through music. You can see more of The East Light's interview and photos in the High Cut magazine.

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