The East Light's leader Lee Suk Chul gives his testimony of the abuse they faced in a press conference

Jun Ko, Oct. 19, 2018, 12:18 p.m.

The East Light's leader Lee Suk Chul and his legal representative met with the press on October 19th 11AM KST. The press conference was held with the goal of giving a full testimony of the abuse that he and his members suffered from while being a part of Media Line Entertainment. 

Lee Suk Chul: "From 2015 to 2017, I was habitually hit by Yoon Young Il PD with a baseball bat. I was constantly told that I would be killed if I told my parents. My younger brother [and band member] Lee Seung Hyun was beaten while locked up in a studio on the 5th floor. Fellow member Lee Eun Sung bled many times after being beaten with a bat. The label's chief director Kim Chang Hwan did not prevent these actions, but only commented, 'Go easy.' Director Lee Jung Hyun made us go on broadcasts with our wounds untreated. My younger brother and bassist Lee Seung Hyun is currently receiving psychiatric treatment after developing trauma from these experiences." 

He continued to give his testimony in tears: "Even now, it is difficult as I was threatened with the lives of the other members on the line. I was abused with guitar strings around my neck, getting choked to the point of bruising and scarring if I made mistakes. My parents saw my scars, but I wasn't able to consult them, due to the threats.

We are people who stand on stage and appear in front of the public. So we thought that it would be wrong to show our scars fro the violence and abuse. Just like that, we continued to be beaten in our waiting room, and my brother Seung Hyun once had his food thrown at his face. Even so, we vowed to ourselves to show the public our smiles. We came to these decisions on our own, just us members. Behind the scenes, we were always victims. When I think about how we smiled on stage, it still hurts and upsets me.

As the leader of The East Light as well as a K-Pop singer, I could not sit and watch any longer, and I decided to attend this press conference today in the hopes that abuse and assault of minors in the K-Pop scenes will disappear from here on." 

With the abuse faced fro the label, Lee Suk Chul announced his plans of taking legal action against Media Line Entertainment's PD and executives: "Our members, as well as our parents, asked the label to take preventive measures. The label promised that there would be no more contact between the band and the PD, but the same actions were repeated a month later. I'm not sure how to address the legal action currently as it is difficult for me to give a statement regarding the other members. However, in the case that I must participate in legal investigations, I will do my best." 

Lee Suk Chun's legal representative then stepped in to announce their plans: "Currently, Lee Suk Chul and Lee Seung Hyun are preparing to take legal action against the company. Their parents have been preparing for it for over two weeks. Because the other members are still minors, we are taking precautions in discussing the matter with them." 

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