The harsh world of KPop

Jun Ko, Dec. 13, 2017, 10:56 a.m.

Well-known KPop stars are seen in a rather glorious light: going on trips all over the world, owning expensive clothes, and more. But it's never all just glory. There have been a lot of tales from famous KPop artists of the struggles they had to face in the beginning. The days before fame are always harsh for all idols. Lack of food, tireless hours of practice, and more were all talked about by famous idols in the start of their idol days. It was stated by Munhwa Ilbo that out of ten idol groups, only two survive. Producing an idol group was suggested to be something like "playing the lottery with a better chance of winning" by numerous reps from entertainment agencies. 

Unfortunately talent isn't all what one needs when it comes to being an idol, a great deal of finances are required as well. It was revealed that there is a huge loss in funds when it comes to performance. Rookie idols get paid an average of 300,000KRW to 500,000KRW (275USD to 458USD), but the cost of stage outfits, hair, makeup, food, transportation, and more end up coming out to be 3,000,000KRW to 5,000,000KRW (2,749USD to 4,581USD). It ends a great loss for the company. A CEO of a medium-sized entertainment agency stated, "You can expect to have about 10,000,000KRW (9,162USD) financial loss per week to have the rookie group perform on all three major music shows."

The harsh world of KPop was always hinted at whenever famous idols talked about the struggles they faced in the beginning, but it has gained even more attention with the tragic suicide of the CEO of Hero Planet. But with the spotlight becoming brighter on the harsh and rough world of KPop, it had made idols from small agencies, such as BTS and GFriend, gain even more respect from netizens for all their hard work and their climb up to the top from the bottom. 

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