The Late Shin Hae Chul’s Last Album and Writings Released

D-Bo , Dec. 26, 2014, 10:48 a.m.

The singer-songwriter Shin Hae-chul's posthumous two-part book and compilation album "Reboot Yourself" were released on Wednesday, the same day Shin made his debut 26 years ago.  The book is a collection of essays, articles and unpublished writings. The first part tells his personal story as a singer. The second includes his critical writings on political and social issues.

The book also includes letters of condolence by family and friends, including singer Seo Tai-ji.  "Shin's wife Yoon Won-hee found writings on his computer which seemed intended for publication," said Park Young-shin, an editor at publisher Munhakdongne. "We hardly made any changes and arranged the pieces by topic and period." 

A limited edition of 2,500 copies of the compilation album was sold out online the day of its release.  The album, consisting of four CDs, contains a total of 50 songs including some unreleased songs such as "Pink Monster," the last song Shin wrote before he died in October.

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