'The Man Standing Next' Achieves 1 Million Ticket Sales at Box Office

Jay Yim, Jan. 24, 2020, 10:07 a.m.

The Man Standing Next which stars Lee Byung Hun has achieved 1 million ticket sales at the box office.

Only three days after reaching theaters, the movie garnered over 1 million moviegoers just before the Lunar New Year holiday.

The film is based on the bestseller nonfiction novel with the same name, and stars Lee Byung Hun, Lee Sung Min, Kwak Do Won, and Lee Hee Joon, who all play key figures in the Korean Central Intelligence Agency.

As previously stated, the move is based on the nonfiction novel, revolving around the real-life events of the KCIA and the assassination of President Park Chung Hee in 1979. The Man Standing Next was said to have attracted viewers of all ages despite its historical relevance and genre.

Other films that have achieved 1 million ticket sales within three days include the 2019 movie Extreme Jobs and the recently released Ashfall, which is yet another film that Lee Byung Hun stars in.

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