The netizens have strong opinions about the first batch of video teasers for 'The Unit'

Cari Pak, Oct. 17, 2017, 10:39 a.m.

On October 16, KBS2's idol rebooting project 'The Unit' began rolling out individual, 'superslow' video teasers of their 126 contestants! The teasers introduced viewers of 'The Unit' to 10 male and 10 female contestants, who each got to play with a variety of toys and showcase their unique charms briefly.

Matilda's Dan-A:

Former S.M.ROOKIES member Hansol:

Good Day's Chaesol:

U-KISS's Jun:

S.I.S's Ann:

B.I.G's Heedo:

Rubber Soul's Kim:

Former DAY6 member Jun Hyuk:

Gracie's Yena:

Namoo Actor's Lee Jung Ha:

LipBubble's Hanbi:

Snuper's Sangil:

Good Day's Jiwon:

MVP's Rayoon:

Model Lee Bo Rim:

IMFACT's Ungjae:

Big Sisters' Park Ji Won:

A.C.E's Chan:

Former April member Hyunjoo:

IM's Kiseok:

So what are netizens saying after seeing the newest batch of teasers?

The most popular contestants seemed to be former SM and JYP trainees, Hansol and Junhyuk. While response toward Hansol stayed on the positive side, with comments like "Hansol, plz debut!!!!""Hansol TT I love you TT Everyone in the world, please see how wonderful Hansol is", "I hope things go well for Hansol!", and more, response toward Junhyuk ran negative. Netizens said, "Junhyuk, please don't sell emotional jazz and please don't mention DAY6", "That person is infuriating""Junhyuk? He must know why he was forced out... wow...""Junhyuk why is he there", and such. 

Another contestant who caught netizens' eyes was U-KISS's Jun, whom many recognized from the drama 'Avengers Social Club'. Others simply said, "Why are there so many rookies""Where's Yoonji", "Chan-nim seems cute""There are this many idols, I seriously don't know anyone. I hope talented people do well""Rayoon-nim looks like Woozi with bigger eyes""So it's not just currently active idols...", etc. 

If you missed the newest batch of individual video teasers, you can find them on 'The Unit's official 'V Live' channel here. What are your thoughts on the first 20?

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