The Show Must Go On - SM says EXO's concert will go on as scheduled

Jimmy Pak, May 16, 2014, 9:54 a.m.

Following the confirmation of Kris filing a lawsuit with SM Entertainment, a few new developments have surfaced regarding EXO’s upcoming first concert.  As many fans already know, a concert was scheduled for next week.  Fans were uncertain if a postponement or cancellation were going to take place.  Star News reported, "We will be carrying out EXO's concert next week as planned... As it is their first solo concert, we will do our best to prepare for it." When asked if Kris will be attendance, the agency said, "His participation is currently unclear as we haven't been able to get in touch with him."

Hankooki reported that SM has sent Kris a final notice to return to Korea with the other members as concert dates are fast approaching.  Questionable posts and comments by fans about EXO members doing interviews on their Instagram are being raised.  According to an insider with EXO, "It's true that Kris was having a hard time adjusting to living in Korea as he is Chinese. However, I didn't realize that he was having a hard time to the point of filing a lawsuit suddenly. The members also thought that Kris was going to be returning soon, and so it seems they had no idea that this situation would suddenly end up in a lawsuit."

Kris is schedule to return to Korea is still uncertain and it is expected that Kris will be represented by legal representation from this moment forward.  The lawsuit Kris filed is asking the court to determine whether the exclusive contract is valid.  JYJ and Hangeng also filed a similar suit.  The suit also details a violation occurred basically nullifying the contract.  Reasons such as one-sided schedule planning and disregard for health conditions and mutual respect.  Pay calculations were never explained or documented as well.  JY’s lawyer Im Sang Hyuk said, It's not good for either the agency or the member to drag this out, so the possibility of them settling is high... The court also encourages the two sides to settle in matters like this... If in the case that they decide to settle, Kris would probably be given a new contract that is different from the other members."

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