The still-cuts of Seohyun's role in the upcoming MBC drama 'Time' are revealed!

Jun Ko, June 28, 2018, 10:20 a.m.

Girls' Generation's Seohyun will be portraying 'Seol Ji Hyun' in the upcoming MBC Wed-Thurs drama 'Time'! She will be acting alongside Kim Jung Hyun, Kim Jun Han, Kwang Seung Un, and more in the new drama. The synopsis of the drama 'Time' is of a man who spends his last days helping out the woman who had her life ruined because of him. Seohyun's role 'Seol Ji Hyun' is the first child of four siblings as well as the breadwinner of the family as her mother knows nothing on how to earn a living. 

The still-cuts of Seohyun as 'Seol Ji Hyun' were just dropped! The still-cuts consist of 'Seol Ji Hyun' getting ready to dive into her culinary exam. The drama will air sometime at the end of July! Are you excited to see Seohyun as 'Seol Ji Hyun' in 'Time'? 

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